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UPEC is a member of SPACE-IDF, the future "Space Academy of Ile de France", through the involvement of LISA researchers.     The Paris
Tuesday 27 June 2023
After a first paper published this summer, JWST reveals new results through 5 papers. The first data were processed by an international consortium (more...first-results-from-the-james-webb-space-telescope-study-of-the-atmosphere-of-the-exoplanet-wasp-39b
Thursday 27 April 2023
Article rédigé par Marine Laplace, stagiaire en médiation scientifique au Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques.   Tout a...astrochimie-ir-coaster-une-nouvelle-experience-en-preparation-au-lisa
Friday 1 July 2022