IT Department


P. Bettinelli (ASR)

M. El-Akhel (AI)


The missions of the IT systems department are to provide computing and storage resources and to manage all the laboratory's IT resources.

The department is responsible for network operation and maintenance, and manages gateways with UPEC and UPC. It also manages interconnections with IPSL. It is responsible for an air-conditioned, corrugated server room housing LISA's network servers and computing and data clusters.

The computing resources are currently used by the laboratory's six scientific themes: Devenir du carbone organique, Cycle de l’aérosol désertique, Pollution oxydante et particulaire, pollution grande échelle, Exobiologie et astrochimie et Spectroscopie.





Server room


In 2011, LISA acquired a 26 m2 computing room to house its computing, storage and internal network resources in a suitable, secure environment...

Technical specifications :


- False technical floor, soundproofing

- Available power: 45 kW on inverter

- Regulated temperature: 23 °C

- Maximum capacity: 120 rack servers



Computing and storage capacity

LISA has a 28-node computing cluster with a total of 520 cores. These computing resources are currently used by the laboratory's six scientific themes, involving some thirty scientists and their students. A large number of numerical codes and models are used: CHIMERE, GECKO-A, satellite data inversion, WRF, FLEXPART, HYSPLIT and several spectral simulation codes. Input and output data are stored on a 360 TB file cluster. The laboratory's other storage resources are distributed over another rack, representing a volume of 200 TB.