Publications 2024 - Pollution

  • Chloe Chive, Lydie Martίn-Faivre, Alice Eon-Bertho, Christelle Alwardini, Jéril Degrouard, Alexandre Albinet, Gael Noyalet, Servanne Chevaillier, Franck Maisonneuve, Jean-Michel Sallenave, Stéphanie Devineau, Vincent Michoud, Ignacio Garcia-Verdugo, Armelle Baeza-Squiban, Exposure to PM2.5 modulate the pro-inflammatory and interferon responses against influenza virus infection in a human 3D bronchial epithelium model, Environmental Pollution, 348, 123781,, 2024

  • Virna Rivera-Salas, Etuman Elessa, Isabelle Coll, Exploring the linkages between urban form, mobility and emissions with OLYMPUS: A comparative analysis in two French regions, Sci Total Environ, 919, 170710,, 2024

  • M. Blayac, C.-H. Yegen, Elie AlMarj, Camilo Macias, Mathieu Cazaunau, Antonin Berge, R. Epaud, Patrice Coll, S. Lanone, Acute exposure to realistic simulated urban atmospheres exacerbates pulmonary phenotype in cystic fibrosis-like mice, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 465, 133340,, 2024

  • Chloé Boutillez, Anne Perez, Aurelie Verney-Carron, François Guyot, Stéphanie Rossano, The role of Fe in the browning of medieval model glasses in the presence of the Pseudomonas putida bacteria strain, International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 188, 188, 105734,, 2024